Here, three scuba diving operators started diving in chivla. A group of Chivla beach water sports runs this activity.

Visiting Chivla Beach near Malvan city is becoming increasingly popular among tourists due to its low cost of scuba diving compared to other locations in Tarkarli. Here, you can experience snorkeling and scuba diving in warm, clear waters full of marine life. Dr. Sarang Kulkarni, a marine biologist, was surprised to find the unexpected richness of diversity in the waters surrounding Sindhudurg Fort and Chivala Beach.

He has trained the local people to explore the underwater beauty and become professional scuba divers and snorkeling guides.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has also planned a scuba center at Tarkarli, which will offer introductory and advanced courses for tourists. The minimum age for diving is ten years, so you can bring your kids along and let them experience the underwater Sargassum forest, corals, diverse species, and colorful fish among the rockscape.

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