Mayekar’s Holiday Home – The Perfect Homestay in Malvan Near Tarkarli To Rejuvenate Your Senses!

The Mayekar’s Holiday Home is a beachside homestay based in Chivla, and is known to be the best homestay in Malvan. Interestingly, several hotels are situated at the Chivla, providing lodging and restaurant facilities. Still, if you wish to go with the best, then Mayekar’s homestay is indeed the best homestay at Chivla beach. So avail of the facility to book your stay in Tarkarli-Malvan online; that is all you need to add the magical spark to your holidays.

Mayekar’s Holiday Home: The Location! 

The Mayekar’s Holiday Home rests in the lap of Chivla beach, situated in Malvan, Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra. It is known to be the southernmost part of the Konkan. Another critical attribute of Mayekar’s Holiday Home is the soft silver sand and blue sea that embrace it. 

Climatic conditions near Mayekar’s Holiday Home! 

One big reason worldwide tourists visit Mayekar’s Holiday Home is that the region is blessed with a favorable climate that magically rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. 

What to do around Mayekar’s Holiday Home?

Relaxation is the best activity you can do when you choose to be at Mayekar’s Holiday Home. Tourists visiting the location get ample space and the right environment to relax. So, go for a soothing stroll by the beach side, get soaked in some good music while swinging on a hammock, choose to get tanned in the sun, experience plunging into the sea, and eat your heart out by digging in the authentic Mayekar’s cuisine.

For the sporty kinds, they can enjoy several outdoor activities. Some of the most-loved adventure activities in the area are bike riding and self-exploration of the site via a relaxing cycle ride. You can easily rent a bike from the nearby market and choose to take a leisure trip around the local village. In addition, we can arrange a memorable dolphin ride at the beach house on special tourist requests. The dolphin ride is indeed an experience that will always stay with you. Other exciting activities include taking a boat trip with local fishermen and spending hours lost in the sea’s spellbound beauty. Of course, the best way to end the day after these activities is to enjoy authentic seafood from expert regional chefs.

Get in touch with our travel experts!

If sheer relaxation is on your mind, then rely on our experienced travel experts. Our client servicing professionals will be more than glad to arrange for varied Ayurvedic treatments administered by highly qualified and purely traditional Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Doctors). In addition, there are rejuvenating spa treatments that the experts offer to tourists. By choosing us as your accommodation partner to book a holiday home near Malvan beach, you can be sure that your health and hygiene are in the safest hands. So, wait no longer to paddle your way through the backwaters while witnessing the best nature scenery at Mayekar’s Holiday Home. Book Now!

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