Mayekar’s holiday home is exactly located on Chivla beach Malvan, location is easily accessible by road, rail and by air as well. The nearest airport is the newly started Sindhudurg (Chipi) airport. This airport is around 17 km away from Mayekars holiday home Malvan, whenever a person lands at Sindhudurg airport, there are many options available to reach Mayekars holiday home Chivla beach Malvan such as state transport buses, rickshaw, and one can hire a private car and two-wheelers as well. By taking these options one can easily come by roadway to Mayekar’s holiday home Malvan.

There are two different category rooms are available in Mayekar’s holiday home Chivala beach Malvan. In which one are Kokani rooms and the other are deluxe rooms. Kokani room category has 2 rooms attached with each other with all the modern amenities, having capacity of 2+2 persons, those who want all things together in one stay can definitely go for Kokani house category. Whereas deluxe rooms have 4 rooms attached with each other. These rooms are newly constructed rooms which offer all the luxurious facilities having a capacity of 2 + 2 persons. Both the category rooms are sea-facing rooms in Chivla beach, so one can enjoy watching Arabian Sea waves by laying on the bed. For more details –

Check-in time is – 11:00 am and check-out time is 10:00 am at Mayekars holiday home Chivla beach Malvan.

No, Mayekar’s holiday home, Chivla beach Malvan hasn’t restaurant on site, but the good thing is we provide breakfast which includes Poha, Shira, Ghavan Chutney, Modak, etc, as well as we provide some extra beverages including coffee, tea, Kokam syrup, mojito, etc. also we have some snack items like Onion and Potato Pakoda, etc. for those who want lunch and dinner we can take orders for them as well. There is a small homemade food restaurant is near Mayeakar’s holiday home Chivla beach Malvan, they have some delicious and authentic Malvani dishes and thalis.

Yes, absolutely this is a perfectly suitable holiday home in Malvan for all types of families. One who want to enjoy vacations at Chivla beach Malvan then our resort is a great choice for those, we have a total of 6 rooms which are sea-facing and have a capacity of 2 + 2 persons, with all the modern and important amenities. Come and enjoy your vacations at Mayekar’s holiday home Chivla beach Malvan. We are always happy to welcome you all.

There are so many things one can do while staying at Mayekar’s holiday home Chivla beach Malvan. All the rooms are sea-facing so one can enjoy watching Arabian ocean waves while seating in the room as well laying outside on a hummock with cool shades of coconut trees. Kids can play around at the beach outside, one can relax and enjoy watching the sunset at Chivla beach while others can do thrilling water sports at Chivla beach Malvan. So there is a lot to do while staying at Mayekar’s holiday home Chivla beach Malvan.

It will take only 5 min to reach Mayekar’s holiday home from the center of Malvan. Mayekar’s holiday home is situated exactly in front of famous Chivla beach Malvan. Whenever a person reaches the center of Malvan which is Bharad near to ST stand Malvan then Mayekar’s holiday home Malvan is easily accessible from there. There is a one-way root that follows Chivla beach Malvan.

All rooms are beachfront. Prices are affordable compared to the beachfront view and all the other facilities we provide in the room. We have 2 types of categorized rooms. One is an air-conditioned Kokani room that costs 2500/Night. The second type is newly built air-conditioned deluxe rooms which cost 3500/Night.

Yes, one can park the car on-site free of cost. There is a huge space all-around resort area where one can safely park a car with no worries.

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