Why must you visit Mayekar’s holiday homes in Malvan?

Answer :

You will be glad to hear that the Mayekar Holiday Home is Chivla Beach’s most-demand property. 

Great Infrastructure: 

What makes this accommodation a great catch is its new construction, well-maintained infrastructure, properly lit and fully air-conditioned rooms, and aesthetically designed bathrooms. 

Mindful design: 

One unique feature that we would like to highlight is that at our hotel, special attention is paid to taking care of the sensitive needs of the women guests. 

Safe location: 

The location of our beach resort in Tarkarli is counted among the safest places to stay in the area. In addition to safety, the hospitality aspect is well taken care of by our caring host and the hostess, who pays special attention to every need of the guests.

Different cottage categories to choose from: 

As a responsible team working together for the ultimate comfort of our guests, we bring in two cottage varieties, namely the Konkani House and the Deluxe House.The Deluxe House features a new construction that is well furnished with all modern amenities and a picturesque beach view. On the other hand, the Kokani House is constructed in a pure Malvani/Goan style using authentic laterite stones. 

Snuggly hug space rooms near Malvan beach!

Looking for spacious rooms, yet feels cozy like home. If yes, look no further than the Mayekar Holiday Home. Our rooms are huge and provide the perfect view of the beach. 

Moreover, the guest’s privacy is well-taken care of by the host. In addition, the guests can enjoy several fun-filled activities such as Snorkelling, Water Sports, Scuba Diving and Dolphin-watching and be relaxed in the laps of nature

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