Anganewadi Jatra of Bharadi Deity  – Famous fair In Malvan, Konkan, Maharashtra

Anganewadi Jatra of Bharadi Deity is a popular fair In Malvan, Konkan, Maharashtra. This  temple, located 15 Kms away from Malvan Jetty in Masure village, is a famous temple in Malvan Taluka. It is said to have originated 400 years ago when a cow belonging to one of the villagers discharged milk on a green wood which turned into a plaque. After the owner had a divine message in his dream, he started to worship the stone, and the word spread, leading to people visiting the place annually. The temple is known as Bharadi due to the plaque found in rocky soil (Bharad). Every year, the date of the annual fair is announced in February. The name Anganewadi indicates the predominance of people with the surname Angane. The temple was recently renovated and is built in the Nagara style of architecture. It is enclosed in a spacious courtyard and houses a small plaque. The sanctum is crowned with a graceful tower, a giant amalaka and a golden kalasha. It is known as the parallel Pandharpur of Konkan.

Anganewadi temple-Bharadi Devi

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