Tondavali beach is just 25km from Malvan city is a replica of Tarkarli beach. Water sports at Tondavali beach and Tondavali scuba diving near Kawada rock island create a thrill for tourists. Many tourists visit tondavali beach to relax and rejuvenate.

Tondavali has clean virgin beach and from Talashil you can walk along the sea to Achara which is 9 Kms. away. This is a unique experience. Being near the Kalaval creek Tondavli has many water-sports options such as Sailing in the creek, riding water-scooter, Banana-ride etc. Here you can do ‘Dolphin-sighting’ without going in far into sea.

You can visit twin islands Khot-Juva(area 4 acres) and Paan-khot Juva (area 10 acres) by manual boat in Kalaval creek. There is also a Sangam point (Confluence point) where Kalaval creek joins Arabian Sea. Tondavali sea-shore has lush green Cyprus orchard and taking a siesta here is soothing experience. You can have a direct view of ‘Kavada rock‘ in the deep sea from here.

Tondavli has two main temples worth visiting. Shri Vagheshwar, a village-deity and Shri Datta Mandir.Talashil has Shri Gopal-krishna Temple with beautiful carvings.

Keen and enthusiastic anglers can have the ultimate joy of fishing from Kalaval Bridge and patiently wait for the catch.

The main occupation of Tondavli villagers is fishing and one can test variety of local fish (Bangada, surmai, Paplet, Kolambi, Tarli) here. Beyond The Kalaval bridge in Revadi village [Famous as late Macchindra Kambli (great name In Marathi theatre’s) village] Bhadrakali temple is worth visiting and you can visit this temple by boat from Talashil.

At the south of Tondavli Sarjekot port is being developed while at the North World-class ‘sea-world‘ project is proposed to take shape in near future.

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