Jay Ganesh Temple in Malvan – A famous religious destination near Tarkarli

When you think about Tarkarli-Malvan, the things that usually come to mind are beautiful beaches, soft white sand. Because of Sindhudurg fort, Malvan is filled with immense amount of history and culture that is sure to overwhelm you. With such a rich history and an assimilation of so many foreign cultures and religions, you are sure to find many nice combinations of various activities such as prayer and various festivals. Those who are religiously inclined should take out some time to visit these beautiful temples that are true testaments to the rich culture.

 A malvani man, Mr Jayant Salgaonkar built this huge & stunning temple in 2004 as sanctity. It sits amidst of Medha, a small ward of Malvan. Now days, this temple is a great attraction for the Tourists. The sanctum internally a square & externally crowned with a graceful tower. A golden idol Ganesh is worshiped daily. A huge courtyard provides a serenity & invigorate the tourist. A carving sculptures on temple enchanting the viewer.

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